Octopus Studio is located in beautiful downtown Bruton, a hotbed of culture and home to a plethora of diverse artists . Down from OS is another studio used by rock band Reef and next to them a PA hire outfit. The Bruton Art Factory, who have hosted events by  Jimmy Cauty of the KLF and Zodiac Mindwarp to name but a few is located on the same estate . Two minutes walk up the hill is the internationally renowned Hauser and Wirth Gallery where internationally renowned art is regularly on show.

Of course some folks say all these arty-farty types have ruined the place but there you go.

Here at Octopus we host Community jam nights where  up to twenty people have turned up to play. Its relatively unstructured, sometimes people bring tunes, sometimes it just goes off on its own perhaps triggered by a beat or a riff. Despite the numbers and the abundance of guitarists the music is rarely chaotic and a real opportunity for players to jump out and beginners to jump in.  Keeping it from becoming chaos means keeping on listening.

Of course that’s not too tall an order for all the sensitive types around here.

OS is the home of the fabulous FIRE MONKEY BAND featured on this site. There we rehearse, there we have recorded, there we hang out. Everything else that happens here supports the luxury of having that time and space. Now we’re starting to play monthly live gigs here so imagine all the humping of gear we are avoiding.

Our Gary is giving regular drum lessons to youngsters and we have recently had some teenagers wielding axes in the area. We would like to encourage such activity  so if you know of any bedroom players who need to get out then we could be a route.

Events at OS, including regular club nights, will in the near future be especially open to members of Octopus Studio. Various privileges will be extended to members who will also receive a shiny sexy membership card.

We have received support from various people to keep OS an ongoing concern – with equipment, with labour, with running events – so thank you to all.

May your spring be bright and blossoming.



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