Some time ago in a town on the Brue
Came a magical octopus escaped from the zoo
From Bristol he’d travelled a circuitous route
Part of the way in someone’s car boot

Almost recaptured whilst eating ice cream
He quickly sought water and headed downstream
Where he was, he soon realized he had not a clue
So climbed from the river and found Gaz and Meru

Gaz invited him in, forever the host
Meru rolled a smoke and they made him some toast
One thing led to another, you know how they do
Before long they were jamming, and rather well too

Their new cephalopod friend played not one thing but many
And excelled at percussion like Evelyn Glennie
He moved to the mixer and made the room sound sublime
Adjusting eight of the sliders all at the same time

Back then the studio had just got off the ground
A name had been sought but nothing yet found
We’re calling it Octopus chorused Gaz and Meru
The fugitive, pleased, turned a deep cobalt blue

Sandwiches, ale and an old paper map
Were provided and packed in an army knapsack
Farewells were bid and tentacles shaken
Email addresses and numbers were taken

He had decided it best that now he was free
To head to the coast for a new life in the sea
Upon leaving he cast a musical spell
So that all the musicians who came could play well.